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Skyward Telecom is a professional comprehensive service provider of telecommunications equipment. It is the only private enterprise in the telecommunications industry with three qualifications: wireless, wired and auxiliary equipment.


Our company set up an international sales headquarters in Changsha, China in 2009. Based in China, we have international operations in Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Africa and Russia, relying on existing core network simulation technology to manufacture old equipment and ODM. It is an excellent operation and maintenance service provider for communication engineering, network optimization and maintenance. Provide base stations, transmission, power supply, optical modules, cables, terminals and other old equipment for leading telecom operators in the region, supporting auxiliary materials as equipment renovation and integrated maintenance services. Service manufacturers include Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Bell, Alcatel, Nortel, Siemens, Lucent.


Factory Overview

skyward telecom factory

Our purchasing channels include outsourcing products from operators and manufacturing resources of China's regional brand telecommunication equipment, as well as supply chain and inventory of China's largest telecommunication network equipment and spare parts. To meet the changing market demand, OEM / ODM customized business orders for various supporting products and accessories are available. We have advanced unit systems in wireless network equipment maintenance, quality field, environmental management system, occupational health management system, TL9000, ESD and other fields and have obtained certificates. We will expand our international market share with high quality products, high quality service, reasonable price and timely delivery.


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With fine selection of materials, all materials have passed international ROHS certification, strictlycontrol the details of each step of the product. At least 92production pfocesses and34 testshave been carried out to achieve Superior quality.Precision shell components, exquisitedesign, reasonable layout, rust and corrosion resistance itompression resistanceand no deformation, protect your connection more safe and stable.


Production Flow


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With built-in DDM/DOM detection function, real-time detection of five measurementparameters can quickly locate the fault points, reduce your maintenance workload,improve system reliability and ensure work efficiency.

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