Alcatel Lucent Optical Transceiver Module 7750 SR 50G IOM3-XP Baseboard 3HE03619AA

The Nokia 7750 Service Router (SR) portfolio delivers unrivalled performance, scale and versatility for the full array of IP edge and core applications.  

Communication service providers, cloud, public and private network operators the world over rely on our innovative technology to power their mission-critical networks and services.  

The Nokia 7750 SR portfolio includes the 7750 SR-s series, 7750 SR series, the 7750 SR-a series, and the 7750 SR-e series. 

Service router applications and network functions  

The 7750 SR portfolio offers the scope and flexibility to optimize your IP edge and core applications on a common platform without compromises. Featuring our ground-breaking FP routing silicon and proven Service Router Operating System (SR OS) it addresses a wide range of network functions and services, including:

  • Provider edge router (PE)
  • Core/backbone router
  • Peering router
  • WAN aggregation
  • Broadband Network Gateway
  • Data center edge
  • Data center gateway
  • Data center interconnect

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3HE00020AB AB01

3HE02905AA AB01

3HE00025AA AC01

3HE02616AA AB01

3HE05948AAAF 02

3HE05948AAAE 02

3HE03619AA AP01


3HE04274AA AA01

3HE03685AA RA01




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