AirScale System Module For Nokia

The baseband is inherently flexible and enables straightforward network evolution and investment protection. The in-node modularity of the AirScale System Module is key to lean entry and decouples scalability of the compute power for radio access network layers 1, 2, and 3 and integrated transport functionality - essential for the rapidly changing traffic requirements of new use cases and deployment scenarios of the 5G era.

The AirScale System Module simplifies 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G deployments, streamlines multi-band sites and powers multi-site baseband hotels.
In addition to maximizing the benefits of the latest plug-in cards, the AirScale System Module also boasts low acoustic noise, enhanced serviceability and innovative cooling.

Skyward Telecom is in telecom industry for over 11 years. We could support you comprehensive solutions for Nokia 5G Base Station BBU Card.

Nokia 473096A.102 ABIA AirScale Capacity Base Station baseband for BBU

Nokia 473095A ASIA 4G AirScale Common

Nokia 473096A.103 ABIA 4G AirScale Capacity

Nokia 473098A.102 AMIA AirScale Subrack

Nokia 474021A.101 ASIK 5G Baseband

Nokia 474020A.X13 ABIL 5G Baseband

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